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How To: Plumbing

“How To” Plumbing 101: While having a professional assess your plumbing issue is the most reliable course of action, we understand that you might not want to call a plumbing service for every little thing. However, sometimes things that start off small such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain can become a big pain in your…wallet. Here are tips to know when to and when not to call a plumber:

How to prevent plumbing problems: in this section we talk about easy ways to maintain your plumbing systems in the home

What to Avoid Putting Down Your Sink


Many home owners do not know what is appropriate to wash down their sink drain. They might think that if it is liquid, it can be easily thrown in the sink without any consequences. This is a huge misconception!

One of the most common causes of a backed-up drain or an overflow is grease blocking the pipes from the kitchen sink. Although the grease starts out in liquid form when washed down the sink, it eventually curdles and hardens, clogging the pipe.

What NOT to put in the kitchen sink:

  • Oil or lard
  • Meat and other food scraps. This includes any peels, coffee grinds, eggshells, jelly, etc.
  • Produce stickers (it’s tempting to just toss them in the sink but it can cause major problems!)
  • Butter or any dairy
  • Heavy sauces
  • Expired medication (Some syrup medicines can harden after being put in the drain)

If your sink or any other drain is clogged, call Go Pro Plumbing & Heating! Our emergency service operates 24/7!

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