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How To: Plumbing

“How To” Plumbing 101: While having a professional assess your plumbing issue is the most reliable course of action, we understand that you might not want to call a plumbing service for every little thing. However, sometimes things that start off small such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain can become a big pain in your…wallet. Here are tips to know when to and when not to call a plumber:

How to prevent plumbing problems: in this section we talk about easy ways to maintain your plumbing systems in the home

Plumbing Tips: How to Prepare for Winter


Repair all leaks before it gets too cold

Now is the best time to fix all possible plumbing leaks in your home or place of business because it is still warm enough in New York City. Check every faucet or shower to make sure there are no leaks or low water pressure. If you see any signs of a puddle forming from a leaky pipe, call a professional plumber straightaway to fix the problem. Go Pro Plumbing & Heating has a 24/7 emergency service that specializes in plumbing problems.

Disconnect your outdoor hose

As the weather starts to get colder, remove and store any hoses that are outside to eliminate the chance of water freezing inside the hose, stretching it out, and ruining it. Disconnecting your outdoor hose will also prevent the possibility of any pipes connecting inside your home from freezing as well.

Prevent any pipes from freezing

With cold weather comes the chance of your pipes freezing and bursting. Contact a professional plumber to inspect your pipes to make sure they are in good enough shape to take on the winter months. A plumber can also help prevent the pipes from bursting by insulating the pipes. One way to check if a pipe is frozen is if the water pressure has dropped. If it dropped, it is likely that a pipe froze and can possibly burst. If a pipe bursts in your home or business, there could be tremendous consequences.

Make sure the area itself is warm enough

Make sure the temperature in your home or business does not drop too low because that can also cause a pipe to burst. If you make sure your pipes are in good condition to begin with, there is less of a chance they will burst from cold air. But to take precaution, make sure the area does not get too cold (above 55 degrees Fahrenheit)

Make sure the sump pump is fully inspected before the weather gets too harsh
If your sump pump freezes, it can stop working and can cause a flood. Call a professional plumber to inspect the sump pump before it is to late.

Run water to prevent freezing

If you periodically make sure water runs through every valve, it is less likely to freeze since running water does not freeze.

Do not use your sink as a garbage disposal

Pouring oils or fats down your sink can cause them to freeze once the weather gets cold. Once they freeze, they can clog your drain and cause multiple problems that are costly and annoying. Avoid this by limiting the amount of oil you pour down the drain and throw them out in the garbage instead.

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