Whenever we see that the water is not going down the drain and it is clogged, many of us reach for the liquid drain cleaner to fix the problem but that might actually do more harm than good. Even a plunger will help more than a drain cleaner most of the time!

Drain cleaners are just a temporary fix. They might work to unclog the drain for a little while, but there is no real way to tell what is causing the clogged drain unless you hire a professional plumber to troubleshoot the problem. The problem will keep happening if a professional plumber does not inspect it and you will keep spending money on drain cleaners that do not effectively clean your drain especially if the clog is deep down in the piping system.

Liquid drain cleaners also corrode pipes over time because the chemicals used in the cleaners damage them while still leaving the drain clogged. If these chemicals are used too often, you will eventually have to replace your pipes because of this damage. Drain cleaners are also dangerous to the health of you and your family and the environment as well.

The only way to avoid using a plunger or any drain cleaner is to make sure the clog does not happen in the first place by not flushing down any sanitary napkins or paper towels down your drain. If you suspect an issue, call Go Pro Plumbing & Heating’s 24-hour emergency service today!