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How To: Plumbing

“How To” Plumbing 101: While having a professional assess your plumbing issue is the most reliable course of action, we understand that you might not want to call a plumbing service for every little thing. However, sometimes things that start off small such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain can become a big pain in your…wallet. Here are tips to know when to and when not to call a plumber:

How to prevent plumbing problems: in this section we talk about easy ways to maintain your plumbing systems in the home



Where to Shut Off the Water: Usually in 3 places

  • At the fixture: The shut off valves are usually located behind the toilet or under the sink
  • If you are working on a hot water line, there is a shut off valve above the hot water heater.
  • The main shut off valve, if you live in a house, can usually be found in the front of the house where the meter is located, some shut off valves are located on the water meter itself. Some are located in the basement of a home. You should always know where your shut off valve is located.

Where to Shut Off the Gas: It is important to know how to shut off the gas if you smell a gas. Once you do so, you should contact a licensed plumber or your gas utility provider..

The Stove: The gas valve is located behind the stove, to access it, pull the stove away from the wall. Do not move the stove too far away from the wall to prevent moving the gas pipe.

  • Turn the gas valve ¼ turn until it stops. When it is turned off the handle will be cross ways from the path of the pipe. 
  • Check to see if the gas is off by testing one of the burners on the stove.

The Water Heater: 

  • Make sure you have access to the gas pipe and valve.
  • Turn the gas valve ¼ turn until it stops. When it is turned off the handle will be cross ways from the path of the pipe. 
  • Check to make sure the hot water heater is off.

The Gas Meter:

The gas meter is located either on the exterior or interior of your house. Once you locate it look for the gas pipe that is coming into the meter and find the gas shut off valve. When the gas is on, the shut off valve runs parallel to the gas line.

Using a crescent wrench or pipe wrench, turn the valve in ¼ increments in either direction until the valve is perpendicular to the pipe line. Once it is turned off, contact your licensed Go Pro plumber.


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