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How To: Plumbing

“How To” Plumbing 101: While having a professional assess your plumbing issue is the most reliable course of action, we understand that you might not want to call a plumbing service for every little thing. However, sometimes things that start off small such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain can become a big pain in your…wallet. Here are tips to know when to and when not to call a plumber:

How to prevent plumbing problems: in this section we talk about easy ways to maintain your plumbing systems in the home

How to Prevent a Frozen Pipe Emergency


Winter is coming and is almost here! The professionals at Go Pro Plumbing & Heating know the importance of preparing your pipes to withstand the cold weather as well as letting our clients know how to prevent a problem during the winter months.

There are a few vital things to know when it comes to freezing pipes:

Hire a professional plumbing company to install your pipes. The most important step to prevent pipes from freezing and cracking is to make sure a professional plumber is installing and repairing them. Go Pro Plumbing & Heating years of experience in installing and repairing pipes in the frigid NYC winters.

Have the pipes installed well below the ground where they will not be vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Water pipes that are installed above ground in attics and home exteriors are more likely to freeze and burst.

Install the pipes in an insulated area. Pipes that are not well insulated are more susceptible to freezing. The pipes can also be fitted with insulated sleeves to ensure extra protection against the cold.

Most homeowners hate a leaky faucet, but letting your faucet drip a little can prevent the pipe from cracking since there will be a continuous flow of water, not giving it a chance to standstill and freeze.

If your pipes freeze or burst, turn off the water line so your home does not flood and call Go Pro Plumbing & Heating’s 24-hour Emergency Service!


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