Steam leaks are harmful to your health and your wallet. When installed incorrectly, a heating system can have gaps in the piping, which causes steam to leak out, making a whistling noise.

The wasted steam increases your energy bills and decreases your energy efficiency. This issue is common when installed without proper precaution by a professional plumber.

If left untreated, a steam leak can get worse because the pipes erode over time and the gap gets larger. Therefore, it needs to be treated as quickly as possible to avoid severe problems like an explosion caused by an increase of pressure surrounding the pipes.

In order to avoid a steam leak, a professional plumber should install and inspect your system to make sure all pipes are intact and solid. Go Pro Plumbing & Heating specializes in all heating and plumbing systems in commercial and residential properties across New York City. Our 24-hour emergency service operates every day to treat problems, such as a steam leak, as quickly and efficiently as possible!