Fire sprinklers have saved many lives and buildings from being destroyed. Most people think that just having a fire alarm is enough, but in order to prevent the fire from spreading before the fire department can extinguish it themselves, it is best to have a sprinkler that is always ready to put out or stifle the fire.

Fire sprinklers are always ready to work since there is water already waiting in the pipe. One or two sprinklers are usually enough to extinguish a fire and are more effective than a fire hose, but actually use a lot less water than one as well. This avoids the risk of all of your belongings being destroyed by water. Many believe that smoke triggers the fire sprinkler to go off, but these systems are actually heat sensitive, not smoke sensitive. This is because there has to be a significant amount of heat that would usually be caused by a fire near the sprinkler to set it off. Otherwise, fire sprinklers would go off even if you burnt popcorn in the microwave. When the fire reaches a high enough temperature, the cover of the sprinkler head detaches and lets out high pressurized water to douse the fire.

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