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How To: Plumbing

“How To” Plumbing 101: While having a professional assess your plumbing issue is the most reliable course of action, we understand that you might not want to call a plumbing service for every little thing. However, sometimes things that start off small such as a leaky faucet or a clogged drain can become a big pain in your…wallet. Here are tips to know when to and when not to call a plumber:

How to prevent plumbing problems: in this section we talk about easy ways to maintain your plumbing systems in the home


faucetHere are some frequently asked questions that have easy solutions!

-Q: Is it bad to use drain cleaners like Draino?
A: Many people use liquid drain cleaners as a temporary fix, but this actually reduces the longevity of your drain and pipes since it has a tendency to eat away and erode them. If you notice that the drain in your sink or shower is clogged, you should consult a professional plumber since they could give you a permanent fix and not just a temporary one.

-Q: What causes pipes to burst?
A: Pipes usually burst because the water inside the pipes freeze and expands. This increases the pressure inside the water pipe and causes it to burst.

-Q: Does it matter if I hire a plumber without a plumbing license?
A: Yes, a plumbing license matters because it insures that the plumber is experienced and reliable.

-Q: Why is my sink water discolored?
A: Discolored water is most likely caused by rusty pipes (which would be exclusively in your building or home) or rust in the water main (which would be from the water supply in your community). The best thing you should do is call a reliable, licensed plumber to inspect the pipes to see if they have to be replaced.

-Q: Why is there a buildup of a white substance around the faucets and showerheads in my home?
A: This usually happened when there is an excess and buildup of mineral deposits from your city’s water. Although this is inconvenient, it can be easily fixed. Soak the faucets/showerheads in vinegar overnight to loosen the buildup and scrub it off the next morning.

-Q: Why was my water bill this month more expensive than my water bills in the past?
A: If you notice that your water bill is inexplicably high, there might be a leak somewhere in your house that is significant enough to show up on your bill. Most of the time, the leak would be coming from the toilet and you would need to consult a professional plumber to fix it. You might also want to call the water company to make sure it was not just a miscalculation or mistake on their end.

-Q: Why is my faucet dripping?
A: A dripping faucet is most likely caused by old apparatuses inside the faucet. In most cases it would need to be replaced, but you can prevent this from happening in the first place by turning off the faucet slowly and softly to put less strain on it.

-Q: Why doesn’t my hot water last long?
-A: Although hot water heaters vary, if you notice that the hot water goes away almost instantly, there might be a problem with your thermostat. Another cause of this would be the hot water heater, in which it would have to be inspected and/or replaced by a professional plumbing and heating technician.

-Q: Why is there always a line of scum in my bath after I take a shower?
A: This is usually caused by a clogged drain that does not drain the water as quickly as it should. When this happens, the water sits in the bathtub and the dirt surfaces. When the water finally drains, there is a line of dirt/scum left. To solve this problem, clean your drain out or have a plumber replace it completely.

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